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Hi – I am Nicole (smiley face!)

I make shirts for people like me (and, hopefully, YOU) – people who like cool shirts, alternative perspectives, making some noise, rescuing puppies, trying to save the world and colliding with interesting souls along the way.

What is this sh!(r)t?

Long story short because we internet generation(s) have short attention spans, I hear…

Oh – Look… A squirrel!


But really…squirrels are cute…

and I have designed, manufactured and printed off-beat t-shirts for a very, very, very long time.

Somewhere along the t-shirt road it became unrewarding to design and sell t-shirts just for financial gain.

I figured that there had to be more to life than just working to pay the bills and feed the machine.  And so the idea of  “This is the Shirt” was born. Randomly and somewhat accidentally (As some of the best ideas are).

I decided to change focus and create socially conscious t-shirts, designed to raise awareness, to raise funds for things that matter, to crowdsource for people who need it and to speak for humans and creatures alike who are unable to speak for themselves.

I still laugh. I still take the piss out of everything, in fact. I figure that if I can’t have a laugh at it all then I am in serious trouble. But now I do it with the intention of spreading the love, turning society on. And tuning people in, instead of encouraging them to drop out (that’s so retro).

Call me romantic, but I believe that if we all put our two cents in the jar (my dad’s lesson that I am now passing on to my own beautiful children) that there would be a helluva lot in the pot to share with those who are less fortunate and could do with a break. *hearts and *rainbows

(For real, though.)


Keep it simple. Stay True. Be kind. (But take no shit!).




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